Supply Chain Management & 3PL

Our process driven approach eliminates waste from your supply chain.


From your vendor’s door, to your customer’s door, and more!

We specialize in complete integration of logistics, distribution and inventory management capabilities.

By truly understanding the needs of our customers, we tailor a program to provide value added solutions that are cost and time effective, increase cash flow, minimize risk, build in sufficient redundancy to manage the unexpected yet focus on process simplification, inventory reduction and rapid turn.

While each client has unique needs requiring customized solutions, we adhere to following standard processes:

  • Determining supply chain objectives
  • Conducting a thorough assessment of resources and constraints
  • Designing supply chain solutions
  • Implementing the solutions
  • Monitoring progress through defined metrics
  • Improving the solution

Management Functions whereour team can help you …

  • Lean Materials Management
  • Transportation Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Distribution Management
  • Strategic Sourcing

Additional capabilities …

Information Management
The key to our success is the management of information in the form of transaction data, transportation information, and documents and forms required by customers, governments, service providers and other vendors.
Closely allied with information management is visibility, i.e., the ability to track and trace shipments. Our sophisticated in-house 24/7 online capability provides real time data for full supply chain visibility from booking through delivery. Let us put our knowledge and technology to work for you.
Supply Chain Security
Our team members are C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) certified. This can avoid delays in entry into the U.S.A. In an era of increasing political risk, secure supply chains are taking on increased importance. This equips our team with the expertise to manage your security needs.
Purchase Orders and Distribution
Our global network and information system allow us to perform many functions on behalf of our customers. The two examples below reference the U.S. but similar capabilities are available in other countries within our global network
  • In the U.S. on behalf of a foreign-based customers – provide transportation into the U.S., clear customs, warehouse, repackage, take orders, ship to U.S. customers, invoice U.S. customers
  • In the U.S. on behalf of U.S.-based customers – provide inventory planning and management, transportation into the U.S., clear customs, deliver to distribution centers or transload for on-shipment