In most aspects of life, the word “all” implies every aspect of something or the concepts of wholeness, entirety or completeness. But there is an exception, in the case of marine insurance where an All Risks Clause, does not cover all risks.

All Risks provides coverage for loss due to fortuitous events, not just from named perils, unless the loss or cause of loss is excluded in the policy or by an implied exclusion. A fortuitous event is one that is, in general, an accidental occurrence. Perils are normally listed in a Peril’s Clause and include Perils of the Sea such as heavy weather, stranding, sinking or collision of the vessel, jettison, fire, assailing thieves and barratry.


But the following risks are not covered by All Risks:

a) loss of market or loss, damage or deterioration arising from delay

b) loss arising from inherent vice of goods.

Furthermore, All Risks do not cover loss or damage arising from strikes, riots and civil commotions. For this one needs to add a Strikes, Riots and Civil Commotions (SR&CC) Endorsement.

Additionally, All Risks does not provide coverage for loss or damage arising from acts of war. Obtain a War Risk policy if one is shipping from, to, through or near a part of the world where there is a likely risk of war.

The message is clear: when buying All Risks coverage, understand clearly that all risks are not covered by All Risks.