Specialized Cargo

We offer In-House Engineering Expertise For Customized Projects

Specialized cargo requires specialized skills, which is why we have specialist teams dedicated to specific types of cargo including project cargo, refrigerated cargo and dangerous goods/hazardous materials cargo.

Oversized, Overweight and Project Cargo

Moving very large or overweight pieces of cargo requires vast experience, detailed planning and precise execution. Knowledge of local conditions and regulations at origin, destination and transit points, a wide network of trusted service providers and unrelenting attention to the smallest details are critical to the uneventful movement of project cargo. That’s why we have an in-house, dedicated, global team of project cargo specialists in North America, South America, Asia, South America, the Middle East and Oceania as well as a separate global network of foreign agents solely committed to project cargo.

Our primary focus is on moving equipment of all types, new or used. We provide turnkey project management ranging from removal of old production lines, including disassembly and rigging activities at origin, to delivery at destination. We move entire production facilities or individual pieces of equipment.

We also specialize in moving renewable energy equipment such as wind turbines. For large infrastructure projects we use the unique capabilities of our advanced engineering team.

Multi-Modal Capabilities for Project Cargo

Regardless of the mode of transport, we have the in-house expertise and internal processes to execute precisely every time.

We arrange aircraft charters of Antanovs and Boeing 747 nose loaders. Our team’s expertise in aircraft dimensions and capacities, minimizes loading waste.
If standard containers, open top containers and flat rack containers are inadequate, we utilize multi-purpose and breakbulk vessels for very large/heavy moves. We book liner services and charter vessels.
Project cargo often requires heavy-duty road transportation in the form of heavy-haul trucking with extended chassis and multiple axles. We determine the clearances for bridges and power lines and arrange for truck permits and escorts.
The size and weight restrictions can limit usage of rail for project cargo. That’s where our expertise in heavy-duty, multi-axle rail cars proves invaluable.
Barge and Inland water
An inland water move on a barge is often a cost effective alternative to moving project cargo via land.
3d world wide cargo transport concept

Additionally, we protect valuable cargo with expert packing solutions

  • Reduce costs with enhanced space utilization
  • Packing and crating
  • Shrink wrapping

  • Palletizing
  • Corrosion and shock protection



Refrigerated Cargo

Our dedicated team of specialists for refrigerated/cool cargo provides the professional management of all critical factors including temperature, humidity, air flow, packing and stowing, respiration, water loss, ethylene levels and other necessary environmental controls.

Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Materials

Transportation of cargo that can cause serious injury to humans, property and the environment mandates equally serious attention by your logistics provider. Our team includes Certified Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) specialists on staff worldwide to handle shipments of dangerous goods by all modes of transportation.

Avoid expensive penalties for noncompliance by allowing our trained staff to identify, classify and segregate all categories of hazardous materials for ocean, air or overland transport. We’ll help you to label, check packaging, and prepare regulatory paperwork to ensure compliance, ship safely and avoid delays.

Hazardous materials include…

  • Explosives
  • Non-flammable gasses
  • Poisonous gasses
  • Flammable gasses
  • Flammable liquids
  • Flammable solids
  • Oxidizers
  • Organic peroxides
  • Poisons
  • Infectious substances
  • Radioactive materials
  • Fissile materials
  • Spontaneously combustible materials
  • Cargo that is hazardous when wet