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Marine Insurance – All Risks Coverage Does Not Cover All Risks

In most aspects of life, the word “all” implies every aspect of something or the concepts of wholeness, entirety or completeness. But there is an exception, in the case of marine insurance where an All Risks Clause, does not cover all risks.

All Risks provides coverage for loss due to

FOB & CIF – Why Not To Use When Shipping Containers

Let’s look at four Incoterms® that should almost never be used when shipping containers.


All of the Incoterms® above call for either the container to be placed alongside the ship (FAS), or on board the vessel (FOB, CFR and CIF).

So what’s the problem?

The problem is that with modern day container

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Marine Insurance – The Risks Are Greater Than You Think Without Insurance Coverage

Consider the following scenario: you’re an importer shipping from China to the West Coast, USA. Did you know that even if you have marine insurance and your cargo is not damaged in a voyage, you may need to pay out more than the value of your goods in certain

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Sub-Saharan Africa – Great Growth Opportunities

As these countries grow and their middle classes expand, look for an increasing demand of consumer goods.

With expanded incomes comes the desire for higher protein sources such as poultry and meat, and by extension the need for refrigerated cargo.

Infrastructure requirements will not be satisfied for decades as ports, airports,