The International Monetary Fund’s latest World Economic Outlook for 2014, issued in October 2013, contains some surprises.

Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia will feature the world’s fastest growing economies in 2014.

While most of the world is focused on Asia, many African countries have been quietly growing at 6%+ rates over the last decade and likely to continue you doing so for many years to come.

Nigeria for examples has experienced 6%+ growth rates every quarter since the start of 2010. Which does not mean that all is perfect. Nigeria has experienced some bloody sectarian strife in the North.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo always seems to be in turmoil yet manages to keep a respectable growth rate due to its mineral and metal riches.


As these countries grow and their middle classes expand, look for an increasing demand of consumer goods.

With expanded incomes comes the desire for higher protein sources such as poultry and meat, and by extension the need for refrigerated cargo.

Infrastructure requirements will not be satisfied for decades as ports, airports, road, rail, office and residential construction will raise demand for building supplies. Power generation and the need for running water will also drive demand for project cargo.

Which all adds up to one thing: if you want to be part of the growth, Sub-Saharan Africa needs to be on your radar.

Country-Sub-Sahara Africa Real GDP Projections for 2014
 Nigeria 7.4
 Angola 6.3
 Equitorial Guinea -1.9
 Gabon 6.8
 Republic of Congo 4.8
 South Africa 2.9
 Ghana 6.1
 Cameroon 4.9
 Cote D’Ivoire 8.0
 Botswana 4.1
 Senegal 4.6
 Ethiopia 7.5
 Kenya 6.2
 Tanzania 7.2
 Uganda 6.5
 Democratic Republic of the  Congo 10.5
 Mozambique 8.5